I'm Marketing Manager

Almost two decade of experience in Digital Marketing Managment and online world of Ecommerce, Social, Marketplaces and many sectors. 

About Me

In the last 17 years, I had great experiences working online in different sectors related to digital marketing.

Working With a Passion While Exploring The World.

I have a diverse skill set that includes Seo audit, creating sharable content, advance tracking, link building, branding, advance content marketing, Ads management. I have experience in a range of digital marketing channels, including social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and paid advertising.

My ability to utilize these channels in a strategic and integrated manner has helped me achieve goals in his professional Timeline related to ecommerce, Sales generation, Lead generation, Saas Development and cooperating in inventing many techniques related to understand Search Engines. .

What Services I'm Providing

Single service or the whole project, you can choose to do many services with us

Digital Marketing

One of my key strengths as a marketer is my ability to analyze data and use it to make informed decisions. I believe that data is a valuable tool for measuring the success of marketing campaigns, and I use it to continuously refine and improve my strategies.

Ads Manager

I have a diverse skill set that includes Seo audit, creating sharable content, advance tracking, link building, branding, advance content marketing, Ads management. I have experience in a range of digital marketing channels….

Web Development

For Web Dev projects i have my personal team of skilled developer for Front/end, Back-end, UI and has a good grip in WP, Shopify, PHP and different front and back-end technologies. We have delivered many important projects related to CMS, SaaS and Marketplaces….. 

Working Process

Our working process is very simple, we organize with our customer a timeline which we follow perfectly and deliver the project in time.

Work Experience

Digital marketing is not possible without having other skills available like;

Social platform Ads (Me)

 I will be responsible for implementing, overseeing, and managing digital marketing strategies that advance an organization’s mission by reaching a broad audience and attaining greater exposure.

Social platform ads
SEO Strategist (Me)

I will be increasing the website or an app traffic through technical and on-page SEO. The strategies are very important factor to escalate rapidly and permanently. With constant working on Seo Strategies you will get best of results.

Web Developer (Team)

We have experienced many type of Dev projects. like, SaaS, E-commerce, Marketplaces, Native App and Blockchain.  My team use the latest tech in the circulation to develop any type of project. We make our projects also keeping in mind the SEO rules of the moment

Web Developer
Graphic Designer (Team)

My Team is very professional with a great experience in Product design, Branding, Website, Printing, Publishing, Environmental and Animation designing. We have great experience in making 3d products, packing design etc..

Sourcing / Manufacturing (Team)

We are sourcing products as asked by our customers, and now have 500+ factories, buyers and shipping agents in our portfolio with more than 3 times work experience. Mostly are located in China, Pakistan, Italy, India, Bangladesh and Turkey.

Sourcing Products

My Portfolio

Few of many projects we did in last year

What My Clients Says

“He changed my life”

Great experience and as it was my very first marketer, i am sure will be the last to work with. i always do by myself creating campaigns, but this time i am really happy to made this big change


Very professional and attentive to even most smallest detail. I have an agency and I have been working in this sector for 15 years. I finally understood thanks to you that you never stop learning

Sara R.

I had huge problems with amazon not only the campaigns weren’t going well but also problems with product certification and much more. and you fixed everything thank you very much. You saved me.

Crazy S.

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This is very important you can get all latest updates on amazon and on many other online marketplaces and tools.

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Main Branch: Birmingham, United Kingdom other branches: Sialkot, Pakistan




+92 332 4156 509